Why Many Shops Don’t Paint Fenders Off the Car

Many painters and shop owners are reluctant to experiment with fully painting new fenders off the car. Although most agree that painting new fenders in the booth along side the car would save labor and materials, they continue to paint only the fender edges before installation.

These shop owners often site color match and the possibility of scratching new paint as the reasons for not wanting to paint fenders prior to installation. However, once those two obstacles are overcome, the shop is ready to reap great efficiency benefits.

We have found that for poor hiding colors, using a colored sealer or ground coat will help eliminate a mismatch on parts painted off (or on) the car. Waterborne colors hide amazingly well and generally make color coverage a non-issue. By placing black and white color-hiding stickers on nearby masking paper, color coverage can be assured.

As for scratching, most modern fenders install very easily. With a little finesse, the average technician is capable of consistently mounting fenders without scratching new paint. Make a game out of it for the first month or so. Offer $5 dollars for each fender that the technician installs without scratching. You will quickly discover that motivation is the key factor in successfully mounting fenders without scratches. Of course, certain large or heavy fenders can always be edged first and painted on the car if the body technician thinks it is safer.

Top 10 Reasons For Painting New Fenders Off the Car

10. Cars leave body department sooner - no more waiting for fender edges to get painted
9. Save labor and materials by skipping the separate edge painting operation
8. Spend less time mixing paint and cleaning spray guns
7. Create less overspray outside the booth
6. Prep and paint fenders at a comfortable working height
5. Keep the blend area smaller on the adjacent door for a better color match
4. Improve the finish quality on the fender
3. No more sharp masking tape lines to polish off
2. Faster process makes it easier to paint and deliver fender jobs the same day
1. Efficiency, speed and material savings add up to a best practice that makes you money!

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